Mac my bitch up

Some of you may already know that I already own one mac, you know me too well and will be added to the depopulation list when the revolution comes.  For those of you ignorant of that fact let me enlighten your pitiful little minds.

A while ago my grandmother wished to get into computing, I tried her out with a variety of second hand laptops to get her going.  First was a windows 95 machine, with a whole 12mb of ram, which I had running a lightweight Linux distro (Beatrix I believe its called.)  She had issues using that, and to be honest I can rather understand this, blue and yellow screens are a bitch to read after all.  Second was a Windows 2000 laptop, a little slow but perfectly serviceable to this day, she eventually had to give up on because it was too complicated.

Her main problem was using the mouse, it had too many buttons for her basically.  So I found myself thinking like this: What type of computer is there thats designed for people who have issues understanding the idea of multiple buttons on a mouse?

And the answer was obvious: a Mac.

So I scoured the second hand shops and came across a G3 iBook (white not clam case sadly) and set her up with this machine.  At which point my grandfather decides to play the family game of being irrationally paranoid and insists she get rid of it.  He is a nice guy, just has his irrational moments.  So the computer went home to live with my mother, who uses it to read fan stories in bed.

At least I hope that’s all she uses it for… *Shudder*

Anyway! story time over, its now time to share with you the good news!  Today I found myself a lovely G3 iMac tray-loader in Bondi Blue.

Yes, its one of the first series and its working faultlessly.  233MHz, 160MB of RAM, not sure yet about the HDD space, running OSX (The first version at the moment though digging out a Panther install at the moment.)  For £34.

Actually whack on another £4, I had to taxi the bugger home since its so heavy.  I have it running right now… …ok its crashed right now since it decided to open a modern web page in IE for Mac (on a 233mhz processor.)  But that’s besides the point, the point is: I have one of the best looking computers ever made and its surprisingly good.  Ok the interface is weird and its got a CRT display, but its amazing how fast this machine runs for a 233.  I can’t seriously belive an equivalent Intel/AMD machine would be running this well but thats probably due to Apple’s ability to code for specify hardware, allowing for far more optimised code than any other OS used to dealing with a wide variety of different components.

However that said I am wondering what running a video (Obviously not a DVD on a 233, especially considering its not even got a DVD drive) on this machine will result in.  I’m guessing Kentucky Fried Silicone Chips, but it dose have a basic video editor on it, so maybe it will do just fine.

Stay tuned you revolting perverts, and maybe next time I’ll include some furry porn to wet your… …well I was going to say appetites but I never know with you lot.


  1. Macs can use multiple button mouses... lame old stereotyping! Bad monkey.

  2. The G3 laptop only has one button for its touchpad, ergo its a one button machine unless you use an external non apple (Bar the later generation models) mouse. Which kinda defeats the point of a laptop.