Don’t want to upgrade anytime?

If your like me, i.e. a closet communist secretly hoping for the downfall of all these revolting capitalist pigs around you when the glorious revolution finally erupts in a tumult of blood and… …er, well if your like me then you hate Windows Anytime Upgrade.

Its pointless after all, you already HAVE the version of Windows you need, and the other features available are utterly pointless.  Bitlocker has plenty of free alternatives and… …what was the other reason to buy ultimate?  Choose between 35 different languages…

So apart from bitlocker there is no feature of Ultimate that isn’t in Pro anyway.  So why have the annoying link?  After all you have already found the guide to disable the program from starting and removed the link from your start menu, so how do you get rid of it from the control panel?

Open your start menu and type in “gpedit.msc” then run it.

Once there go to “Administrative Templates” is should be the bottom option in “User Configuration”.  Open up the control panel folder and you should see one option called “Hide specified Control Panel items” double click to bring it up.  Switch it from “Not Configured” to “Enabled” and go down to “List of disallowed Control Panel items” and click on show.  Type in the following “Microsoft.WindowsAnytimeUpgrade” without the quotes of course, then click Ok to close that dialog.  Now click apply and close gpedit.

Open the control panel and bask in the glories of the revolution!


You may now fap.

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