Bleh on toast

Ah the joys of unemployment.

Wait, no... ..sorry wrong word there.

Ah the annoyance of unemployment.

Oh the upside I do have another job due in January. My tooth, which has been playing up for some considerable time, will be fixed in Jan as well. Yay.

But I always like to update this thing with something a bit more important than just a status update, this place isn't facebook after all, so I'll give a run down of events since my last post.

My job ended, as expected and the same week my sister became seriously ill. She entered hospital and my parents had to go in with her to make sure she was cared for. Abject incompetence on the part of the hospital staff - not all just a lot - followed and resulted in them having to remain there for over a week. Since I was now running the house full time, washing/drying/organising/shopping/anserphone service, I had bugger all chance to do much job hunting.

Eventually she was released, and to brighten my day I spend some of the money I had saved up at my job on an iPod. I'm clearly a masochist. Its a nice little machine, completely useless for creating things but actually quite good for web browsing, videos, music, ebooks etc.

I ended up going back onto Jobseekers Allowance since my job hunt had proven unsuccessful, I din't go back on immediately as I found it to be the single most humiliating thing I'd ever done. Seriously, stripping off on stage was nothing compared to that crap. Luckilly however the second week on it I got a call telling me about a job in a government department - no not spy related before any of you creepy weirdos start getting ideas about me playing Bond.

I had an interview, in which I felt I made an arse of myself, and got told they would call me back to let me know how I did the next week.

Two days later I got a call from them telling me I'd got the job.

Yay, no more jobseekers! Back in gainful employment!
Though I will have to wear a suit, fair enough, and use the phone a lot.. ...eh, I can manage that.

Oh and the week I went back on Jobseekers? My main HDD blew out, taking my Win7 install with it.

Oh buggery.

So, I ended up wiping another hard drive and putting a new install onto that one. Lost a lot of stuff, but most is backed up onto other computers, or stored on gmail. I had just bought a new external drive (1tb) so not lost any space to the crash, in fact it cleared up a lot of space as things worked out. Its just that the stuff it cleared I'd have liked to keep.

Ah well, nevermind.

Everything is back up and running now, though I still need to sort out the GTA IV install now I think about it. Oh and Bridge Commander... ..hum, though it always dose bug out on me when I mod it... ..god I wish that game was more stable.

Oh and I must remember to dig out that program for changing the Win7 logonscreen, that horrible blue thing is annoying.

Wonder if a program to replace the horrible animated boot logo exists yet?


Updates of Doom

The other day my computer picked up a Virus.

For about 20 seconds, my own fault was testing something out and forgot to scan it before running.  Whoops. Well done a thorough clean out and shifted the little bugger, was nothing special so didn’t take too long.


Apart from that, my job is coming to an end soon, thank you Tory Bastards, so back on the job market.  I don’t hold out much hope with the Economy about to go into meltdown when the cuts come though, but there will be some Christmas work at least.

Probably anyway, and assuming the Government of Tossers lasts that long.


Oh, Mafia II is made of even more pure refined win than the delicious comeuppance the Tories have due.

That’s a lot of win.


Revenge of the Mac

Well that G3 iMac is still presenting me with a few problems, namely I have no idea what to do with the demented thing.  I’ve now set it up running OSX 10.1 (Don’t have a more recent OSX disc that will work on it) with an OS9 install so the machine can run Starship Creator.

Well at least its something!

Even if I no longer have the Addon Pack CD… ..sigh.


Anyway, to keep myself amused I picked up another cheep old mac, this one’s a G4 Powermac AGP. Runs at 400MHz and has 512mb of SD ram, the graphics card is nothing special but works well enough with the other hardware. Add to that the fact its another great looking case and the fact OSX 10.3 is lightyears ahead of 10.1/10.2 in terms of usefulness and I’m on to a winner with this one. Plus it can play videos without cooking itself and has a DVD drive so can be used for that if nothing else.


Though I am now tempted to dig out another monitor to set up a 3 monitor desktop… ..that’s probably not a good sign.



Still no Furry Porn though.