Revenge of the Mac

Well that G3 iMac is still presenting me with a few problems, namely I have no idea what to do with the demented thing.  I’ve now set it up running OSX 10.1 (Don’t have a more recent OSX disc that will work on it) with an OS9 install so the machine can run Starship Creator.

Well at least its something!

Even if I no longer have the Addon Pack CD… ..sigh.


Anyway, to keep myself amused I picked up another cheep old mac, this one’s a G4 Powermac AGP. Runs at 400MHz and has 512mb of SD ram, the graphics card is nothing special but works well enough with the other hardware. Add to that the fact its another great looking case and the fact OSX 10.3 is lightyears ahead of 10.1/10.2 in terms of usefulness and I’m on to a winner with this one. Plus it can play videos without cooking itself and has a DVD drive so can be used for that if nothing else.


Though I am now tempted to dig out another monitor to set up a 3 monitor desktop… ..that’s probably not a good sign.



Still no Furry Porn though.