World Celebrates as Rupert Murdoch commits suicide!

Well ok, Economic suicide anyway.

BBC News article on the subject.

You see, a little while ago Mr “I’m a Business Man Guha Guha!” Murdock decided that the best way to increase his profits from his news websites was to prevent there stories being put up into Google News.  Despite the fact no other news companies in the world are quite as moronic as to do the same thing.

You see, Google News has previews of a full article on its news page, from there you have a link to the article itself on the original News websites page.  Mr “I like drinking Paint” Murdock has come to the conclusion that this is illegal.  His justification for this point of view is that they are making money out of his company without paying them back for it.  Erm, mate, there linking to the full article – not putting it up on there own website.  In effect there showing you what you can read on your website, which PROMOTES your website.

Apparently Mr “Toy soldiers go in nose” Murdock doesn't understand this concept.  Ok, then!  Should the man himself, hah, ever read this tirade here is how the internet works:  Man puts something on website, nobody knows it is there except the man.  Search engine goes through mans website and finds this thing, adds this to its index.  A different man who is interested in the something that is on the original man’s website uses the search engine to find what he wants.  Search engine gives him link to man’s website with a preview of what is there to let him judge if it is what he wants or not.  Man clicks on link and goes to website. 30 GOTO 10

Now that we have cleared that up, lets investigate how Mr “I’m a Clown! Brum Brum!” Murdock has decided to commit economic suicide.  He has now decided that Google will be blocked from accessing his news websites.

Lets just consider the enormity of what is wrong with this:

  1. He is ONLY blocking Google and lets other search engines trawl his pages.  You sure you don’t just hate Google Mr “Microsoft's penis tastes like chocolate” Murdock?
  2. Google will no longer be sending people to his websites, decreasing his readership.
  3. Every other news website allows Google news to access there pages, and without his pages there to compete, there readership will go up.

This, ladies and Gentlemen, is a recipe for royally fucking your own profits.  Well done Mr “Having a blowjob while giving a speech is completely professional” Murdock, you just killed your company!  Much to the Glee of the rest of the world since your news is biased to the point of humour, sensationalist, badly written, badly edited, inefficiently fact checked, racist, sexist, homophobic and lots of other bad words.

And in closing I’d just like to point out one final thing to Mr “Why does all of Australia hate me?” Murdock:  You may not believe in Free Use, but every other sane person dose.  And thanks to free use, I’ve made him a present!

Here you go Mr "Mooo!" Murdock!.

Drop dead you smug self satisfied Prick.


(Apologies to the clown who’s Photo I used for the hair and nose, sorry)

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