Ah the Joys

I've started a blog, oh lovely! now all I have to do is buy a copy of a microsoft prod... ..oh damn, did that already with Win7 din't I. Well ok, if I'm going to have to join mainstream modern culture I might as well do it thought the nerdy self important ranting way. Play to your type I say. So a Blog then, perhapse it would be a good idea to outline what I plan to do with this benited thing hum? Lets see, I already plan on posting my half baked rants about how much blasted bad advertising there is out there. How bad acting now seems to be regarded as acceptible. How TV show writers seem to have been, as a group, drinking lead based paint. And most importantly of course: Bashing Capitolism for being corrupt and run by the mentaly disadvantaged.

Fairly standard fare I would image, at least if you discount all the blogs moaning about there life or talking about there horrible crotchfruit. Uhg.

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